"A dynamic young scholar." -- Kevin Starr, University of Southern California

"Jason has hit upon a particular moment in which the type of interdisciplinary inquiry that includes theology is becoming recognized as an important approach to understanding culture."  -- Richard Flory, USC Center for Religion and Civic Culture

"Dr. Sexton's impressive array of interdisciplinary scholarly publications mark him out as one of the leading penal anthropologists in California." -- Robert Chao-Romero, UCLA Department of Chicano Studies

"California+religion is about the most hopeful suite of short essays I've read in a long time." -- Steve Katz, Publisher, Mother Jones, tweet on "Getting Religion," Winter 2015 issue of Boom: A Journal of California, ed. by Jason Sexton

Book Authored

The Trinitarian Theology of Stanley J. Grenz  (Bloomsbury)

The Trinitarian Theology of Stanley J. Grenz (Bloomsbury)

"Original and innovative, making a contribution to our understanding of Grenz as a theologian, and to American Evangelicalism." -- Alister McGrath, Oxford University

"Makes a substantial contribution to assessment of Grenz’s thought, as well as to a wider account of evangelical theology of the Trinity in the later twentieth century." -- Paul S. Fiddes, Oxford University

"Jason Sexton's patient attention to the Trinitarian theology of Stanley Grenz offers many rewards." -- Mark A. Noll, University of Notre Dame

"The study is intriguing and bridges a gap in the investigation of the evolution of Grenz’s thought." -- Journal of Reformed Theology

Books Edited

Theology and California: Theological Refractions on California's Culture  (Routledge)

Theology and California: Theological Refractions on California's Culture (Routledge)

"Until now, theologians have characteristically been lagging behind colleagues in other disciplines in their engagement with this emerging research field [of California studies]. However, Sanders, Sexton and contributors adopt a stance that is both constructive and critical. While recognising that theology, being rooted in scripture and doctrine, cannot be derived directly from culture, they engage a range of cultural forms to produce theological insights inspired by the specific context of
the Golden State." -- Ecclesiology

"Providential thinking clearly shapes ideas about California. Does the opposite also take place? Does California shape religion and theology too? Is there perhaps a unique California theology, call it Californianity? In a state where religious adherence is increasing rather than declining--unlike the rest of the country--these questions have an unexpected purchase. And the theologians and scholars in this volume, following Josiah Royce's call for a 'higher provincialism,' bring welcome new light to the connections between place and faith." -- Jon Christensen, UCLA Institute for Environmental Sustainability

The End of Theology  (Fortress Press)

The End of Theology (Fortress Press)

"The shared hope of the contributors to this volume is that theology will be viewed as a lived practice of understanding oneself and one’s world in light of a conception of an incarnate, personal, and relational God. ... Sexton and Weston appreciate that our theological commitments should motivate a lived missional practice, which in turn should cause us to interrogate our latent theological assumptions." -- The Immanent Frame, Social Science Research Council

"The End of Theology not only overcomes the chasm between theology and mission or missiology but also revitalizes the theological and dogmatic tradition from a missiological perspective.... The voices in this book facilitate such a discussion in unanticipated and invigorating ways even as they empower theologically robust Christian witness in a complex 21st century." -- Amos Yong

Revisioning, Renewing, Rediscovering the Triune Center: Essays in Honors of Stanley J. Grenz  (Cascade Books)

Revisioning, Renewing, Rediscovering the Triune Center: Essays in Honors of Stanley J. Grenz (Cascade Books)

"The essays in Revisioning, Renewing Rediscovering the Triune Center do much more than honor the achievements of Stanley Grenz. They display the crossroads present in contemporary evangelical theology as its travels into the twenty-first century. Following an introductory chapter providing an invaluable and indispensable intellectual biography of the path Grenz's theology took, the essays are written by internationally known theologians, taking on the core of the issues in Grenz's theology through their discussions of the Trinity, community, and eschatology. The essays also attend to theology's relation to culture and show the nature of theology's roots in Scripture and tradition, creatively illumining and even going beyond Grenz's work. As such, they offer diverse displays of the multiple issues within evangelical theology today."
--Francis Schussler Fiorenza, Harvard University

Two Views on The Doctrine of the Trinity  (HarperCollins)

Two Views on The Doctrine of the Trinity (HarperCollins)

"Overall this book has much to comment it, as leas as a somewhat in-depth introductory text." In particular, the four theologians whose views are on display offer mostly clear and insightful expositions of their views of the Trinity as well as rigorous and congenial reactions to each other's work. In this way, perhaps more than anything else, it serves as a wonderful example of healthy theological dialogue." -- Restoration Quarterly

"[Brings] to light some of the larger underlying contested issues in Trinitarian
thinking: the interpretation of key terms in pre-modern sources (like ‘relation’);
how the analogical character of theological language impacts accounts of divine personhood; the propriety and force of arguments and analogies from human experience; what inferences about intradivine relations may be drawn from scriptural depictions of the incarnate Son relating to his Father; and whether God–world relations may be genuinely mutual without impairing the independence of God’s existence apart from the world." -- Ben Fulford, University of Chester

The Holy Trinity Revisited: Essays in Response to Stephen R. Holmes  (Paternoster, UK).

The Holy Trinity Revisited: Essays in Response to Stephen R. Holmes (Paternoster, UK).

“Taking Steve Holmes’s work as a point of departure this wonderful collection shows the contours of an emergent Trinitarian conversation. Holmes’s trenchant defense of classical Trinitarian theology, and his celebration of recent historical scholarship, sparks engagement, critique and a generous response. This volume offers an excellent introduction to the emergent Trinitarian conversations to be found across protestant traditions. It is a tribute to the wide scope of Steve Holmes’s work and his ability to draw so many voices into his own developing theology.” -- Lewis Ayres, Professor of Catholic and Historical Theology, Durham University

“Stephen Holmes’s The Holy Trinity offers a significant historical thesis worthy of serious theological engagement. Jason Sexton and Tom Noble are to be commended for assembling this fine collection of responses to Holmes’s work. Because it focuses on the right issues and raises the right questions, the present volume is sure to advance the contemporary discussion.” -- Scott R. Swain, President, Reformed Theological Seminary

Four View on the Church's Mission  (HarperCollins)

Four View on the Church's Mission (HarperCollins)

This book articulates various evangelical views regarding the church's mission and provides a healthy, vigorous, and gracious debate on this controversial topic. In a helpful Counterpoints format, this volume demonstrates the unique theological frameworks, doctrinal convictions, and missiological conclusions that inform and distinguish the views on what the church is to be and do both in and for its very life as well as in and for the life of the world.

Boom: A Journal of California issues edited

"Getting Religion," 5/4, Winter 2015.

"Getting Religion," 5/4, Winter 2015.

"Correcting California," 6/2, Summer 2016.

"Correcting California," 6/2, Summer 2016.

"Urban Humanity," 6/3, Fall 2016.

"Urban Humanity," 6/3, Fall 2016.

"Seeing California," 6/4, Winter 2016,

"Seeing California," 6/4, Winter 2016,